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What a future Carnival may look like: one that accepts no cash

December 20, 2019

A future Carnival may look like this: more and more exciting rides and entertainment gears such as AR or VR, and no cash. JETS Carnival becomes the first in the country that adopts Acer ITS QR code validators and digital payment system to create an amusement park that accepts only payment with smartcards and LINE Pay. With visitors paying with just a swipe on the LINE Pay code on their phones, all transactions are complete online and real-time, avoiding risk of mistakes with payments. 

Role: Publicist

Pitch, press conference

Year: 2019

Taiwan parking app streamlines roadside parking experience

November 25, 2019

PKLOT, through collaboration with FET, becomes the country's first app that displays real-time parking availability and supports automatic payment. The service is now available in Taichung, Tainan, Hsinchu and Taipei City. 

Role: PR, marketing

Press releases, marketing campaigns

Year: 2019

PKLOT expands into parking reservation market

November 17, 2019

PKLOT, the most widely-used parking app in Taiwan, has expanded into the parking reservation market by partnering with USPACE. The app now supports parking spot reservation services in major business and shopping districts in Taipei city, such as Xinyi, Dunhua and Zhongshan Districts. 

Role: PR, Marketing

Press releases, marketing campaigns

Year: 2019

LINE Pay Launched on Taipei City Buses

November 20, 2019

Organized the launch of LINE Pay as a payment method on New Taipei City's buses, including press releases and press conference execution. 

Role: PR lead

Press conference, Press releases

Year: 2019

Smart City Summit and Expo

March 26, 2019

Planned the product expo, new product launch, guest tours and media exposure at the Smart City Summit and Expo, as well as exhibitions at the Good Design, Taiwan Excellence Award, Computex Taipei 2019, etc. 

Role: PR, Marketing lead

Event, Exhibition, Trade shows

Year: 2019

Computex d&i Award 2019 and Taiwan Excellence Award 2020

December 12, 2019

I served as the project owner who submitted materials and made presentations to the panels to present the design/ benefits/ technological capabilities of the Smart Parking Meter System and won Computex d&i Award, Specialty Award of 2019, and Taiwan Excellence Award 2020. 

Role: head of PR /

Public relations, 

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Tainan Smart Parking Meter BOT Press Conference

Acer ITS Incorporated joint hands with Tainan City government to build 2,000 smart parking meters across the city. It is the country's first smart parking BOT case at this large scale. 

Role: head of PR /

Public relations, press conference, press release


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