Hetrick-Martin Institute

#EmpowerLGBTQyouth Campaign

Objective: Raise awareness and funds for Hetrick-Martin Institute, a LGBTQ advocacy group in New York City.


Concept: It comes from the insight that many LGBTQ youths don't get to hear positive comments about them when they grow up. In order to promote a LGBTQ-friendly environment, socially and politically, this campaign is created based on 'What you want to hear from your family/friends/school/government?' to advocate acceptance and understanding. 

Location: Times Square

Role /

Creative ideation, Copywriting, Interviews

Year /



Due to the limitation that a Times Square film has to be muted, we ask the youths to hold cardboards written with different messages. Through a careful visual design using the different screens of the billboard, the film has a variety of visual presentations of the youths and messages in a way that a traditional film on a single screen cannot do. 

True Stories

I have written six campaign stories of the youths. The true stories were featured on Hetrick-Martin Institute's campaign page to promote understanding and to encourage other LGBTQ youths. The campaign was also launched on Twitter using the hashtag #EmpowerLGBTQyouth. 


  • For Pride Month, Gay-Youth Group Takes to Times Square featured on Adweek's Brand Marketing section

  • Top 5 LGBTQ-Inspired Ads featured on Contently

  • Raised thousands of dollars of donation

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