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Havega Facial Mask

Marketing strategy

HaVega is a Singaporean cosmetic brand that is dedicated to producing the world's finest plant-based cosmetics and skin care products. The medical grade Prodigy Elixir ™ hydrogel mask is free from harmful ingredients including petroleum extracts and thickeners. The mask has acquired the Halal certification and the highest PETA certification.


My services include:

1. Developing branding and digital marketing strategies

2. Researching industries, markets trends, and other data in relations to the client

3. Analyzing of resulting research data details including specifications and promotional materials

4. Recommending of specific marketing approaches and spending budgets to achieve the client's desired goals

5. Assisting in the development of a more focused brand positioning utilizing appropriate marketing tools

Role / 

project management, marketing strategy, copywriting

Year /


Marketing video production

To raise awareness of the Havega brand, a marketing+branding video was created to be distributed via social media and YouTube channels. The video's goal is to introduce the brand, to emphasize the all-natural characteristic of the brand. Being the first vegan mask that passed the Halal certification and PETA anti-cruelty certification, The Prodigy Elixir ™ hydrogel mask aims to satisfy the needs of Muslim female consumers, who demand vegan cosmetics that is Islamically lawful. The product is expected to be launched in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia early 2018. I was the producer of the video and was responsible for writing the script, hiring the production team for the filming, and offering editorial feedback.

Role /

Project management, copywriting, producer

Year / 


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