Data Analysis

Housing Market Analysis


The objective of the property analysis is to provide recommendations to help the client find the most profitable location for a property in Amsterdam, Netherland.

Analysis process:

The process included making SQL queries to acquire the Airbnb's supply and demand data, and comparing the monthly income across 7,109 properties in 20 different neighborhoods in Amsterdam, Netherland. Data that were used include the advertised Airbnb prices, room types, occupancy rate and population. By looking into the monthly income and competitiveness based on location and property type, I was able to offer a more holistic view to help the client make a purchase decision based on the Airbnb market data.

Data Visualization:

A dynamic map with information including property type, neighborhood data and income data is created with Google Fusion. Green pins are properties with a monthly income greater than $901 while the yellow pins are properties with a monthly income between $800 and $900.

Skills / 

Data Analysis, SQL, Excel 

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Resource Allocaiton Project for UNDP

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) focuses on assistance in poverty reduction, policy change, access to resources, and crisis prevention in countries who are in need of those services. UNDP is launching a pilot program to help mothers to access vital resources for their newborns. Due to limited resources, only two countries will receive the funds initially. By examining birth and infant mortality rates, the project hopes to provide insight and context to help UNDP identify where the money is most needed.

Skills /

Data Analysis, SQL, Excel



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